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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often do the drivers stop to rest the horses?

A. The drivers are required to stop every four hours and hand water the horses and check their body functions. At this time the horses are given a short rest period of at least one hour.

Q. Will the drivers call before pickup or delivery?

A. The shipper and the receiver can expect a phone call at least two hours before pickup and delivery. This call is usually made to obtain directions and inform the parties that the truck is in the area.

Q. Should I wrap the horses legs?

A. We do not recommend wraps for trips over 18 hours, for the horses safety and health. Wraps have come undone and the horse will hurt itself or another horse kicking to shed the wrap.

Q. Are the trailers air conditioned?

A. I know of no commercial air conditioned horse trailers. Opening and closing a horse trailer on hot days could bring on pneumonia a few days after the horse leaves the trailer from the cold and heat the horse has been exposed to. Horses have lived for thousands of years in all kinds of weather without air conditioning.

Q. How do I pay?

A. $100.00 at booking and the balance due at PICKUP. Payments may be in cash, money order, bank or cashiers check or any major credit card.

Q. What about insurance?

A. Circle S Horse Transport insures your horse for a maximum of $5000 mortality insurance while being transported on our owned equipment. We do recommend that supplemental insurance be purchased prior to shipment to cover sickness or injury. The horses well being and safety are our number one concern.

Q. What size trailers do you have?

A. We have 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 stall horse trailers available. They all measure 7 and 1/2 feet inside with stalls that are 42" wide and 8 feet deep. All horses travel on a bed of shavings cleaned daily. The trailers also have stall separators that go to the floor. Box stalls are available for studs, mares and foals and weanlings.

Q. Are your trucks or trailers equipped with air ride?

A. Most goose neck rigs are not equipped with air ride however the suspension on both the truck and trailer provide a very comfortable ride.

Q. Will my horse lose weight?

A. If your horse is on the trailer for a cross country trip, or any trip over 24 hours, they will start to loose about 4% of their body weight each additional 24 hours. Stress, lack of proper diet and water consumption coupled with lack of normal rest all contribute to this problem. Hay and water are all they will get on the trip and the drivers are constantly checking to see that they are alert, with heads up and regular body functions.

Q. What happens if my horse stops drinking?

A. If a horse shuts down and stops drinking we immediately stop the trip, contact a vet, then the owner, get all the horses off the trailer and in stalls while we deal with the horse that has stopped drinking. Most times it is because it has never been in a trailer before, consequently, under stress it will not drink. Taking the horse off the trailer for a short rest will usually bring back its thirst.

Q. Do you have layover and for how long?

A. Layovers are necessary on cross country trips. The horses need the rest. They usually come off the trailer for a period of 8 hours or more. They are stalled while on layover. The layover sites are all approved ranches and farms that cater to this business. Strict requirements for health and safety have to be met.

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